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Created by Ditto Theatre Company

© May 2021

"Amongst empty tins of food and discarded items that had been tossed into the rubbish tip, under a cardboard box, there is a shivering, frightened puppy named Ingo. He is all alone with nowhere to go and no one to care. But Ingo’s life certainly hadn’t always been like this. After all, dogs are only for Christmas...aren’t they?"


Award-winning Ditto Theatre Company presents this original tale that combines storytelling, puppetry and movement to tell an engaging story about the importance of family, belonging and how pets are not just disposable items.


‘The Gift’ was created as part of Attenborough Arts Centre’s Unexpected Tales Series. It can be performed live or digitally streamed. 


Suitable for ages 5+

You can watch the show's trailer here:

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