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© January 2019

"In a small cage, behind narrow bars, lived Darwin - a fitting name for a chimp don't you think? Darwin was trapped in a life with no freedom and wanted something more. Every day he was gawped at, poked and taunted. And if that wasn’t enough, he was completely alone. Darwin always wondered what life was like beyond the four walls of the zoo.

When a postcard is dropped in front of Darwin’s cage, everything changes. Reaching through the bars, he picks it up and sees himself. Not actually himself, but others just like him. Except they were in a different place, a place that was green and fruitful. They were together and happy. Like the chimpanzees in the photo, Darwin wished he could swing amongst the highest of trees and eat the freshest fruit. But most of all, he longed for a family and somewhere to belong.


One day, Darwin has the chance to leave the zoo behind him and enter the big wide world. On his journey to the place on the postcard, he encounters an array of characters that teach him the true value of friendship. However, Darwin also comes face to face with someone who has a very different idea of where his home should be..."


Award-winning Ditto Theatre Company presents this original story that combines storytelling, puppetry and movement. Join us on an adventure of friendship, family and what it means to be home. 

'The Unexpected Adventures of Darwin The Chimp' has been developed with the help of the No Strings Attached Grant, which was awarded to Ditto in October 2018 by Farnham Maltings. With the help of In Good Company's Artist Support Fund, Ditto developed the show further in 2020. Due to Covid-19, the tour of this show has been postponed until October 2021. 


Past Tour Dates


Drayton Arms Theatre, South Kensington (work in progress) - 21st July


Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester - 24th October

Buckden Village Hall, St Neots (The Library Presents) - 25th October

Brewhouse Arts Centre, Burton on Trent - 26th October

Stamford Arts Centre - 27th October

Mansfield Palace Theatre - 28th October

Loves Farm Community Centre, St Neots (The Library Presents) - 29th October

Circus Hub, Nottingham - 30th October

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