As well as a love of creating exciting and innovative theatre for all the family, we at Ditto are extremely passionate about educating and inspiring the next generation of theatre makers. We firmly believe that theatre can be used as a social, historical, political and educative tool in society and that the arts plays a crucial role in the development of young people. 

Ditto Workshops


Ditto offer a range of workshops for both adults and children alike. As a company, we specialise in workshops focusing on:



Physical Storytelling


Ensemble Movement



Ditto have a history of leading successful workshops across the UK for a variety of organisations. These include:


The National Theatre of Scotland

The Quarry Theatre at St Luke’s

Greenwich Theatre

Theatre on the High Street

Nonsuch Studios


"Not only do Ditto Theatre Company create wonderful pieces of theatre they also provide outstanding workshops to complement their work.

Our students were mesmerized, fully engaged and had a terrific time with the cast and workshop leaders as they explored object puppetry.

We would work with Ditto Theatre Company again in a heartbeat!"

- Mix Up Theatre, Edinburgh

Ditto in the Community


We at Ditto understand that getting to the theatre can be quite difficult for remote areas of the country and so, offer both performances and workshops to a variety of community social settings: 



Community Centres 

Church Halls 



We have worked with the following organisations to bring theatre to the community:


The Library Presents

Cambridgeshire County Council

The National Trust

Plays in the Playground

As long as there’s a big space and a keen audience, we’re there!


Schools and Colleges


We also work extensively with schools and colleges to offer educational packages to help aid learning and development amongst students. Typically, we offer a performance and workshop package that also includes access to our Educational Show Pack – a teaching aid to help guide learning in relation to Ditto’s work. These packages can be tailored specifically to meet your needs in order for you and your students to gain the most out of our visit. 

For more information/enquiries please do get in touch at